Ashtown is one of the headquarters of The Order of Brenden. Ashtown is very large and filled with many collections, displays, and painted floors. It received its name because of the many evil objects burned there. It is located in the Midwestern United States on the shores of Lake Michigan. Deep in the ground many evil transmortals have been buried in The Burials. It also contains a very large and dangerous Zoo


In earlier times Ashtown served primarily as a place to bury transmortals. It grew in size and became the capital of the O. of B. After surviving attacks by Maxi and Dr. Phoenix the transmortals revolt and heavily damage everything. It recovers under Bellamy Cook until both the transmortals and Phoenix destroy it. Huge holes had been punched into Ashtown. The kitchen was gone. The Brendan's rooms were gone. The courtyard was cratered and dotted with bodies. The front doors were in splinters, and the pillars beside the main entrance had toppled down the stairs. -From The Empire of Bones

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