Staff Members are trusted and active users who have been granted special rights to enhance and facilitate the Ashtown Burials Wiki community.

Staff List

Title Username About
Brendan TheGoldenPatrik1 Head of the wiki; obssesed with Balrogs and Patriks.
Former Staff Glenburne A contributor.
Former Staff Frodo the 9 fingered Wiki founder; inactive.

Staff Powers


The Brendan is a currently active Bureaucrat. The Brendan has full power & heads the Wiki.


Avengals are Administrators. They are community leaders with the full range of control over the Wiki, being able to exercise the rights of those below as well as edit MediaWiki & grant certain user rights.


Keepers are trusted users who have been granted Content Moderator & Discussion Moderator Rights. Content Moderator Rights allow a user to protect, unprotect, delete, & undelete pages, as well as move & edit already protected pages. Generally speaking, Keepers have all available user-rights besides the ability to grant other rights or edit MediaWiki.


Explorers are trusted users who have been granted Discussion Moderator Rights, but not Content Moderator Rights. Discussion Moderator Rights allow a user to remove Message Wall posts, as well as close & reopen threads on Message Walls. With the addition of Discussions, they can moderate that as well by locking posts, moving them, or deleting them.


Journeymen are trusted users with Chat Moderator and Rollback Rights, with which they can undo vandalism and patrol the chat.


Acolytes are semi-trusted users who have been granted temporary Rollback rights after their Resume has been Suspended.

Former Staff

Users who were once staff members but are no longer due to either abuse of power, inactivity, or resignation.

Joining Staff

Want to join the staff? Just submit your Résumé (a list of reasons for why you should become staff) to TheGoldenPatrik1. Just be sure you fit the following criteria:

  1. You’re active. We’re a mostly inactive Wiki, so if you can prove that you are active & that you will stay active for a while, by making frequent contributions or being friendly, then you’re golden.
  2. You're established. We can’t very well just let random people we don’t know join Staff. You have to have been on this Wiki for at least two weeks, & you have to be somewhat well known. Be friendly & interactive with the community, & you’ll meet this criteria in no time.
  3. You understand what you’re asking for. You have to know what a Chat Mod can do, how to rollback, & how to utilize the Content Mod/Discussion Mod powers before you acquire them, not after, otherwise we will have to school you through their uses. You also have to be responsible enough to respect the powers we may give you. If you can prove your responsibility, then you’re all set.
  4. You have experience. This is not required, but it helps a lot. If you’ve been a mod before on this Wiki, other Wikis, or on similar websites such as reddit, UESP, or Wikipedia, then that will make it much easier to become Staff. Having a lot of Reward Points will also make your Résumé look good.

Once you post your criteria, the Brendan will review it. They will either accept, suspend, or reject it.


Congratulations! You are now part of the Ashtown Burials Wiki Staff!


In the common case that the Brendan thinks that you aren't quite ready or that you need to fully prove yourself, your Résumé will be suspended. During this period (about a week or so), you're granted Acolyte rights to see if you are responsible enough for them. After the week is up, you'll either be accepted or rejected. Be active and helpful, though, and you'll reach staff in no time.


Because of reasons that the Brendan will list, your Résumé has been rejected. You can try again in one week.