Maxi is a major antagonist and transmortal in The Dragon's Tooth.


He was a transmortal born Sebastian de Benalcazar in Spain more than five hundred years ago. As a conquistador he traveled with Ponce de Leon into Florida until Ponce had him shot. He escaped into South America and tried to set himself up as governor, slaughtering Incas and his fellow Spaniards along the way. He was hung, stabbed, poisoned, and even keelhauled. But to no effect. The Order of Brendan finally captured him when he tried to return to Europe. He was held without food or water for more than two centuries before some weak-minded fools released him. He reemerged in France under the name of Maximilien Robespierre. There, his taste for destruction reached revolutionary heights. More than thirty thousand French men and women were sent to the guillotine, including King Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, and several of the Order's most notable French members. The Order did not capture him again until the mobs turned against him and he himself was beheaded. He was imprisoned again but escaped the Order's French Estate when it was destroyed during the Second World War. He decided to help Dr. Phoenix. After burning the Archer Motel and shooting John Horace Lawney VII, he attacked Ashtown but was killed by Cyrus Smith who used the Dragon's Tooth.



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