Radu Bey is a blood sorcerer.


Radu Dracul was son of Vlad II and brother of Vlad III. He was a necromancer and blood sorcerer. Radu became Bey of the sultans armies pillaging and destroying. While his men destroyed the cities he searched the synagogues. Finally he found what he sought in an island on a Ethiopian lake. He found the Dragon Gin on that island. He claimed the Dragon Azazel who feeds on pain. Azazel gives Radu power and undying life. Radu Bey was tricked by John Smith and buried. He was freed by Cyrus Smith when he unlocked three of Radu's chains and cut a fourth one apart. He was the head of the Ordo Draconis. In New York he collected victims and made a temple with them. He used their power to open Babd Catha's tomb.  When he attacked Ashtown he was forced to retreat by a combination of the Brothers Below, Niffy, and Cyrus. 


Radu Bey is described as a huge man. His skin is rich and glistens in the sun. He has short black hair which is curly. He has a strong jaw and smooth, hollow cheeks. His eyes are dark and at the center of his hairless chest there is a blood red dragon twined into a circle. He wears a belted skirt of white linen. Broken chains hang from his ankles and wrists.


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