Dragon Tooth Cover

The Updated Cover of The Dragon's Tooth.

 The Dragon's Tooth is a sharp tooth/triangle that swallows light. The first book in the series, The Dragon's Tooth is named after it.

Other NamesEdit


When man was first tilling ground and tending gardens, before he thought to wall his cities, Draco the Devourer came on down from his stars. He hated man for his body and soul, joined together in one creature, and he meant to rip the two apart forever. Man would be mere flesh, or mere soul, but never both. Old Draco fashioned himself a monstrous scaly body and a set of charmed teeth with edges to them that could slice a soul's hair sideways. But things just didn't go as planned. They never do for dragons. Raging, Draco spread his wings and dropped through the sky's floor. Cities burned, and everywhere he went, souls withered, sliced and uprooted from their flesh. But one boy picked up a stone, and while men fled screaming, he threw it into the demon's mouth and knocked out just one tooth as long as the boy's arm. He picked it up and slew the dragon body. Draco retreated to the stars, but he left behind that tooth. An immortal later called Sir Roger chose Ethiopia for his kingdom. He hated people eating and killing them constantly. One day a young Ethiopian girl stole the Dragon's Tooth from a priest and slew him. Later monks shattered the tooth and only the extreme tip of the tooth/sword survived till later times.  Jason used the tooth to fetch the Golden Fleece. He called up immortal warriors with it from sown Dragon's Teeth, and it was the only blade he could use to cut them down. Cadmus used the blade to call warrior's from bone when he founded Thebes. It can call the dead to life though not as they were. It can shatter the undying. Alexander the Great used it to raze the world and only failed when it was stolen. Julius Caesar, Hannibal, Attila, Charlemagne, Napoleon, and Hitler sought and some of them found it for a time. In modern times William Skelton and Dr. Phoenix teamed up to find the tooth. They killed Cyrus's father and nearly killed Rupert Greeves. When they found it Billy Bones pinched it and ran. Two years later he gave the Dragon's Tooth to Cyrus Smith. After holding for a few days Phoenix took it. He possessed the tooth for a year using it to make his reborn. Cyrus stole it when Ashtown was attacked. 

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