The Order of Brendan is a secret society made up of influencial and extrodinary people. They explore and protect the world from evil. The O. of B. as it is called is more than one thousand years old. They have many bases around the world, like Ashtown.


  • Acolyte-The lowest rank. You have nine months to reach the requirements and become a Journeyman.          
  • Journeyman-You are required to stay at your estate unless your keeper tells you otherwise.                            
  • Explorer-Explorers do most of the fighting and collecting for the Order of Brenden.                                          
  • Keeper-As a Keeper you may choose to become a keeper of an Acolyte/Journeyman. You train, guide, and protect them.                                                                                                                                               
  • Sage-Sage is the highest rank in the O. of B. Sages are normally old and wise.

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